Our Charity Program

As of Jan 2017, there will be other reasons to be a part of Sinterix beyond excellent service and great pricing. At Sinterix we believe that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that we improve the quality of life on earth and we have decided that we want to do more.


Technology overshadows the world we live in, and we love what it has to offer. That said, we also understand its impact when used negatively around the globe. For this reason we have taken steps to ensure that our success is balanced by giving back via a new approach.


Our customers may have never donated due lack of funds or simply not knowing where to use their resources. Sinterix customers will not need to donate or worry about what charities to participate in because we do it all for them. A portion of the monthly payments are donated to various causes around the world. The donation is submitted on behalf of the customer therefore, the customer name is specifically mentioned. We will focus on charities that focus on life saving causes which can be anything from Trees, Wild life, Sea life, climate change, medical, etc. We will find the most critical problems and together we will help to address them.


At Sinterix we are trying to bridge the gap between for profit and non profit. We are a new hybrid type of service provider and we can only hope that others will follow.


Charities On Our Watch List


Want to get help futher? Click on any of the charities to donate directly to their cause.